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15:42 Ticket #146 (Avoid overwriting of modules by testing region distribution) created by liukis
Current RPM distribution relies on overwriting testing region specific …


15:14 Ticket #145 (New forecast maps) created by danijel
Change the GMT script for forecast maps to make the maps look like in …
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16:43 Ticket #109 (Get rid of Matlab '_' to '-' conversion in models names for result ...) closed by liukis
16:43 Ticket #141 (Use RPM distribution of CSEP packages) closed by liukis
11:51 Ticket #144 (Increase 'STOP' parameters for catalog conversion used by KJSS Western ...) closed by liukis
11:50 Ticket #144 (Increase 'STOP' parameters for catalog conversion used by KJSS Western ...) created by liukis
During installation of Yan's KJSS model for Global testing region, it …
11:25 Ticket #143 (Force processing of the forecast group if event greater than magnitude ...) created by liukis
Currently, CSEP downloads raw catalog data even if no processing for …
11:22 Ticket #142 (Consider catalog repository) created by liukis
Since each dispatcher downloads raw catalog for each processing, we …
11:21 Ticket #141 (Use RPM distribution of CSEP packages) created by liukis
Adopt RPM distribution of CSEP packages
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10:59 Ticket #140 (CMT scalar magnitude moment is pre-processed to the value with 2 ...) created by liukis
As Yan pointed out: […] Event in the raw CMT catalog is provided …


10:54 Ticket #133 (Allow specification of uncertainties to create modified catalogs) closed by liukis
fixed: Added command-line options: --disableGeographicalError …


17:00 Ticket #139 (Fix operator for Matlab probability() function) closed by liukis
15:17 Ticket #139 (Fix operator for Matlab probability() function) created by liukis
As Warner pointed out, '<' operator in …


16:34 Ticket #130 (StorageAPI should be able to stage existing raw ANSS catalog data for ...) closed by liukis
fixed: Implemented, and added acceptance tests: …


14:00 Ticket #134 (Capture timestamp within name for the log file) closed by liukis
10:31 Ticket #137 (Install corrected version of EEPAS model (David Rhoades)) closed by liukis
fixed: Installed and introduced acceptance tests for each configuration of …


14:06 Ticket #138 (Measurement uncertainties are not used in global experiments) created by zechar
Location uncertainties are available in the Global CMT NDK format …


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11:18 Ticket #137 (Install corrected version of EEPAS model (David Rhoades)) created by liukis
Per e-mail from David on February 23, 2009: "I have discovered …
10:58 Ticket #136 (Install Yan's model (using CMT catalog) for Global testing region) created by liukis
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