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Milestone CSEP Version 12.1.0

Completed 7 years ago (2012-01-10T16:00:00-08:00)


Total number of tickets: 11 - closed: 11 - active: 0


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CSEP Version 12.1.0:

Following Trac tickets have been addressed by the release:

SCEC Testing Center

  • #267: Install Margaret Boettcher's one-day model for Oceanic Transform Faults testing region
  • #273: Introduce new Oceanic Transform Faults testing region
  • #271: Install 2 EAS models by David Rhoades for California testing region
  • #269: Install SHIFT_GSRM model by Peter Bird for Global testing region

CSEP Toolkit

  • #272: Add support for polygon-based forecasts
  • #265: Observation catalog should be filtered against masked forecast for M and S evaluation tests
    • Fix proposed by Jeremy Zechar
  • #270: Optimize read of large forecasts files for T and W evaluation tests
  • #268: Allow range of values to be specified within <schedule> element of XML format configuration files
  • #266: Re-processing should accept existing input catalog to re-generate forecasts (to support NZ Canterbury re-processing)
  • #274: Allow attachment of test plot files to the status email message
  • #275: Support multiple authorized data sources by the same Dispatcher processing
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